Hi Team,

     I like to address groups of people as teams. I like to think of it as the grouping name for our species; a group of geese is a gaggle, a group of elephants is a herd, and a group of humans is a team. I think it makes us nicer. That is my two cents, unfortunately Canada no longer uses the penny so this intro may have no value for you…

     In other news, I HAVE NEWS! For me, it’s BIG, AWESOME, ALL-CAPS NEWS! I don’t for a minute presume that it will be quite so large-fonted for you, but I’m really excited to share it. This October I will be having my debut solo showcase  as an artist. With Wolves: Passage Through Feral Wonder, has been a series I’ve been slowly working on for 3 years now. I started it in my apartment (three apartments ago…), without knowing where I was going with it/where it was taking me, but I never let it go. 

     My goal since committing to my art full-time has been to produce a full solo show. Prior to  With Wolves,  my first series was The Pacific Rim series, which I loved and which launched this entire  visual art journey, but those pieces were either  sold off or were gifted off before ever coming together as a whole. I wanted With Wolves to come together, to stand as a whole story that could be experienced by actual people*. What I hadn’t anticipated when I thought of producing a full show was that I’d literally be producing my own show. I thought I’d just paint and be adorable and artsy and some gallery would find me and exclaim “You’re art is perfect! You need to have a show! We will do everything for you!” But I also genuinely thought that Trump’s presidency campaign was an elaborate prank, so I’m remarkably naïve… Needless to say, no galleries came running up to my adorable, artsy self with a burning need to showcase my work (and I’m really, really glad). Organizing a full artistic event like this one is overwhelming and places pressure on skill sets that I do not excel at (I think being an adult, period, places pressure on skill sets that I do not excel at…) but it has also given me this incredible creative control. Delicious, vast, creative control that, yes, is limited by my limitations, but is mine to do with as I please and I am giving this art-baby the best of me.  
        So please accept this as my informal save-the-date; there will be more posts, fan-fare, and details over the next few months about both the art show opening and the super-exciting closing night theatrical showcase (that’s right, there is a super exciting closing night theatrical showcase!) For now, however, please consider yourselves most cordially invited to:

WITH WOLVES: Passage Through Feral Wonder
Opening Night Gallery Showcase, Friday November 4th, 2016


WITH WOLVES: The Howling
Closing Night Theatrical Showcase,  Thursday November 10th, 2016
Doors 6:00p.m., Shows starts 7:00pm
$8 presale, $12 at the door

@Gallery 1965, 1965 Main Street Vancouver BC , V5T 3C1


*Imaginary people are also most welcome.