Everybody Wants to Rule the World, While Dancing in the Street

I'm live! GUYS. I AM LIVE! When you enter 'www.theoddbear.com' (or even just theoddbear.com, the internet has come a long way, man) you actually arrive HERE! YOU. You, as in real people, can actually enter my website, and see it. Do you realize what this means? It means I conquered the internet! With absolutely no aptitude, and with every mistake possible (some repeatedly), I have managed to build my own website. If there is any task in life that makes you want to put your head under the covers and never look at the sky again, you can relate to how I felt (feel) about website building. And the spiralling anxiety from having to do something I'm not good/capable at was getting pretty bad: "How am ever going to be a successful entrepreneur if I can't bleeping upload images"...."Have I foolishly invested all of my time and resources into something that is doomed"..."How can I be worthy of love if I can't even build a website"...."I'm going to die alone with broken URLs and a cat"
....etc, etc.

 I know the pages are empty, I know it may (definitely isn't) the wisest to launch my site live when it isn't complete, but the harsh truth is that simply making the URL work took me a week. Getting all these pages put together is going to take me just shy of a lifetime... But I hope you keep stopping by! I hope you wander through and see the nifty changes Imma be making, and read the little stories Imma be posting here on the daily. Sometimes I'll write about this, sometimes I'll write about that, but I will always be happy to see (read) you. Welcome to Ma House. I hope you like it here. 

The above video is an excerpt of how I chose to celebrate my successfully launching a website.

It took an additional three and a half hours to figure out how to attach this video.....To start reading this story from it's starting point, click here

- souz


I look back on my naive, idealistic younger self of yesterday, and I feel a deep longing to go back there again. To live in a time and place where I genuinely believed that good will prevail, honesty is the best policy, and that my website would be up and running. I'm older now, and with the advanced age of the last 24 hours has come advanced wisdom: good will prevail, and honesty will always be the best policy, but my website is definitely not up and running. Please know that I am applying myself to my fullest to accomplish this task. If I could make a website in my studio using glue and gesso--or in my kitchen using ingredients--I would have the biggest, tastiest, most radical website in the world right now.  But I can't, so I have this instead (which none of you can see. YET.)


Day Six.

We're are super getting somewhere folks. I just got the "should be connected in 2-4 hours"email, this is getting super, super serious! Meanwhile, I would like to take this opportunity to thank (from team HostPapa) Tim R., Shrinivas C., and Prashant C., as well as (from team SquareSpace) Brian C., and Jennifer. E. I am so glad to have shared this web building experience with each and every one of you. And thanks to Val, for pointing out that I'd also probably need to pay for it all to actually work...#WebsiteBuilding #LikeABoss #MyJourney



Forward, March.

Theoretically, the last of the emails should have been sent, and after this response I should be live! Because I'm definitely not now. I have been informed that none of you have been able to actually click here. What you've missed so far: emailing, waiting, and I'm starting to get rid of all the Latin. I can feel your virtual high fives, and I appreciate (and totally deserve) them.


The Starting Point (Feb 06 10:12)

I desperately wished I could have out-sourced this. But I couldn't, and I am now setting up my own website, myself, for reals.  I am not good at this. Pretty much anything that involves the computer, I am pretty weaksauce at [weaksauce: a sauce made of equal parts ineptitude, pathetictry, and cowardice which can then be poured over any and all endeavours]. This is exhausting. I somehow keep accidentally deleting everything most days around three in the afternoon. 
But [: bums], I shall keep trying.