Poster Image,  Are You Afraid of the Dark? 

 Poster Image, Are You Afraid of the Dark? 

WITH WOLVES: Passage Through Feral Wonder 
'It was palpable, the divid between me and the rest of the room in that moment. The way they were looking at me, the entire group,  it was clear that I was the only one who saw the colours. Later, my teacher would tell me  "I could either guide you, or guide everyone else, in that moment." But the divide continued to grow until a wolf emerged from within it. Leaving the other side behind, I followed the wolves and together we found the moon. Throats exposed, we threw back our heads and howled in prayer.'

This is Rezai's debut solo showcase and brings to an end a series that has been in development for over the past 4 and/or 29 years. A combination of mixed-media artwork, prose, and curation come together in this telling of a story

Please Join Us For Our Opening Reception
Friday, November 4th, 7:00PM
Gallery 1965,
1965 Main St. Vancouver BC

Poster Image,  Through A Field of Wounded Hearts

Poster Image, Through A Field of Wounded Hearts

WITH WOLVES: The Howling
The Howling is a theatrical gallery showcase; a collaboration between some of Vancouver's most innovative poets and dancers come together to bring WITH WOLVES to life, interpreting abstract art through physical and vocal expressions. 

*this show contains adult content, graphic language, and nudity. 19+, viewer discretion is advised

Thursday, November 10th
Doors 6:30PM, show 7:30PM
*Tickets $10.00
Gallery 1965, 1965 Main St. Vancouver, BC

*tickets available at the door only